iPhone 4: Apple deleting references to antenna issues

Comments about antenna niggles on official forum struck from record

Move comes after Consumer Report says iPhone 4's signal issues are definitely down to hardware.

Apple has taken to deleting selected posts on its official forums that mention antenna issues with the iPhone 4. Specifically, comments relating to a damning piece by Consumer Reports in the US, which has independently verified that the problem is not simply down to signal.

Consumer Reports tested the iPhone 4 in its labs and found that when compared to other mobiles on US network AT&T, it was the only one to have any struggles with signal. It went on to say it could not recommend the iPhone 4.

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Now Apple has apparently deleted threads mentioning the offending article. Google searches about the topic lead to error pages within Cupertino’s forums. Apple is yet to comment further on the iPhone 4’s antenna woes.

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