iPad use abroad to cost users 1,000 times normal rate

Taking your tablet on holiday could prove costly

Pricey date to face iPad travellers

Using your iPad or Android tablet abroad this summer could set you back 1,000 times your normal rates, new research carried out by Which? has revealed.

Whilst consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the roaming fees faced when using their mobile phones abroad, it is feared few will make the similar connection when touting their 3G capable tablet devices beyond the boundaries of Britain.

With a monthly inclusion of a single gigabyte of data for iPad devices costing as little as £7.50 from UK mobile network providers, the new study suggests using such gadgets abroad could see users return to find bills within the thousands of pounds. Although such high charges would require hours of online use streaming videos, browsing the web and checking emails in far afield nations, it is expected many tablet users will quickly hit the EU regulated automatic bill cut-off point of £40 when visiting European nations during the coming months.

Speaking on the findings with warning to taqblet consumers Which? boss Peter Vicary-Smith said: “Until data costs come down, anyone considering their tablet or mobile for using the net abroad should steer well clear of 3G data roaming and use free wi-fi access where available instead.”

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Via: Metro