iPad to get OLED display and Xbox 360 quality graphics?

Second generation iPad to pack hefty visual punch

OLED screens and Xbox level graphics rumoured for iPad 2

It is less than two months since the iPad hit UK stores and yet rumours are already rife about what new specs the second incarnation of the Apple tablet will boast.

If the latest rumour and speculation is to be believed, come Apple’s annual product cycle OLED screens and improved graphics to challenge those of the Xbox 360 will be next up on the iPad’s firing line.

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As we reported earlier this morning, the iPad 2 rumour mill has already churned out the possibility of smaller, 5.6-inch and 7-inch model Apple tablet with latest mumblings leaving these mini iPads touting more expensive, power friendly high definition OLED displays.

Whilst OLED screens do add more depth of colour than their LCD counterparts, Apple has recently demonstrated with the iPhone 4’s Retina display that there is still life in the older LCD technology yet.

The OLED screens, joined by a healthy update to the tablet’s graphics card could see the iPad’s visual capabilities rivalling those of the gaming quality seen on the Xbox 360. If this graphical update comes to fruition, it will be an update that will not only please hardcore and casual gamers alike but make the iPad even more desirable than it is already.

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