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iPad mini rumours

So with almost an entire year of speculation building towards this event, what can we expect from the iPad mini?

Most observers expect Apple to launch a sleek 7.8-inch device to complement the traditional 9.7-inch model, enabling Cupertino to meet the threat from affordable Android tablets like the Google Nexus 7 and the Amazon Kindle Fire.

A purported inventory listing which leaked this weekend suggest that the iPad Mini will also be priced competitively. The inventory screenshot showed the the basic 8GB Wi-Fi may only cost 249 Euros, which translates into £200 with today's exchange rate. However it seems likely that Apple would abandon its premium pricing policy to match the likes of Amazon and Google.

Apple iPad Mini cases have already started appearing on the web with Hardcandy already leaking an image of their new iPad Mini case along with a render of what they believe is the iPad mini.

More reports have claimed that Apple will keep the costs down by keeping the device Wi-Fi only, while the new Lightning connector, which debuted on the iPhone 5, is likely to replace the 30-pin connector seen on previous iPad models.

The launch of an iPad mini, in itself, would have been considered a surprise just a year ago, given the late Steve Jobs' well-reported stance on tablet size. He once claimed that 7-inch slates were dead-on-arrival, but reportedly began to warm to the idea in 2011.

Anything else?

Beyond the iPad mini it has also been suggested that Apple will tweak the new iPad 3 model (which was announced in March this year) to incorporate the Lightning connector and 4G connectivity for the soon-to-launch Everything Everywhere 4G network.

More speculation has focused on revamped iMacs, a 13-inch Retina Display MacBook Pro and, to continue the diminutive theme of the event, a revamped Mac mini.

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