iPad, iPhone and Mac sales surge

Plus iPod sees further drop off after quarterly results

Apple rakes in record profits as recession fails to hit Cupertino.

Apple isn’t shy when it comes to bragging about just how well its top end gadgets are doing. And the latest quarterly figures certainly make for pretty reading as far as Steve Jobs is concerned.

The iPad’s growing dominance has been confirmed, with 4.19 million units shifted in three three months to the end of September. That takes total sales to around 7.5 million and counting since the slate’s launch back in April.

The iPhone also did the business, despite antennagate, with 14.1 million blowers sold. That’s a mind-blowing 91 per cent growth in the same quarter last year, showing that the iPhone 4 is still managing to kick it at the top.

Mac sales also surged, increasing by 27 per cent as 3.89 million were shifted. However, the iPod continued its decline in the face of growing smartphone competition, sliding by 11 per cent, with 9.05 million flying off the shelves.

Apple’s quarterly profit was a cool $4.31 billion, showing that while it might charge high prices, it’s still doing the business during these financially frisky times. Let us know what you think of Apple’s results on our Facebook and Twitter pages.