iPad gets TV-connectable multiplayer console upgrade

Griffin PartyDock to transform iPad and iPhone 4 into console

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Apple devices get games treatment thanks to PartyDock

Already touted as the future brand of portable gaming, Apple’s handheld devices are to get a further boost to their gaming credentials as Griffin announces the PartyDock that will transform your Apple iPad and iPhone 4 in to a fully fledged games console.

Masters of the Apple accessory, Griffin has unveiled the PartyDock following an FCC filing yesterday that let slip about the upcoming gaming console-dock hybrid. Equipped with four wireless controllers the PartyDock will come packaged with a number of specially designed full-length and mini games with future titles already being readied for release via iTunes.

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Although current gaming apps residing on your iPads and iPhone 4s will not work with the PartyDock, Griffin is hoping that developers will adopt its home gaming approach and produce new titles fully compatible for the multiplayer device.

Rather than targetting the core gamers, Griffen has adopted more of a family friendly and social gaming approach with the PartyDock but has yet to announce any details regarding pricing and release dates.

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