iPad Folio turns tablet into netbook-style desktop device

KeyCase to transform iPad into netbook with new Folio case

iPad to further challenge netbook market

It’s not often we cover something like a protective case for an iPad here on T3 but when that case packs a Bluetooth keyboard that all but transforms your iPad into a netbook, like the new iPad Folio from KeyCase, we have to make exceptions.

Thanks to the folding design of the leather-clad, folio-styled case, users can access their Apple tablets in the standard, flat, touchscreen manner or propped up with the included silicon keyboard acting as full computer-style controls to the iPad come netbook screen.

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Conveniently rechargeable via the standard portable Apple power cable the Bluetooth 2.0 keyboard will run for 45 hours on a full charge, much longer than the tablet itself, and will actively conserve energy via a self imposed sleep mode following 10 minutes of inactivity.

Automatically reconnecting to the host iPad when turned on, the KeyCase iPad Folio is available for just £59.95 from GearZap.

Do you think this could be the missing step between tablet and netbook? Share your thoughts of the KeyCase with Bluetooth keyboard and what this means for the future of iPads on the move via the T3 Twitter and Facebook feeds.