Some iPad apps too complicated for users claims Microsoft exec

Exclusive: MSN executives suggest many iPad apps are more complicated than necessary

MSN's Head of Social Media tells T3: "A lot of iPad apps have struck me lately as having too much complexity to them”

A number of iPad applications have "too much complexity to them", a Microsoft exec has told T3.

Speaking exclusively with T3 alongside the official release of the MSN UK iPad application, Peter Clifton and Darren Water from Microsoft’s media portal have expressed their belief that many current iPad apps are unnecessarily complex and a new era of straight, simple apps is on the way.

“A lot of iPad apps have struck me lately as having too much complexity to them,” Darren Water, MSN’s Head of Social Media said. Stating that applications need to make use of the “simplicity and comfort of the iPad” in order capitalise on the Apple tablet’s abilities Water added: “With iPad apps so far everyone has been finding their feet in terms of what features and functionality to include.”

Whilst the pair insisted that the simplicity and focused efforts of a few well implemented features are the way forward they were keen to stress that this didn’t mean future applications would lack excitement and that all important desirability factor.

“Across this year you will be seeing us getting increasingly ambitious across the mobile space,” said Peter Clifton, Executive Producer of MSN. “Getting ourselves onto the iPad was one step, we are already looking ahead to another.”

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