iPad app news: X-Men EXTRA magazine hits app store

Keep up with mutant news ahead of X-Men: First Class

X-Men First Class arrives this week, prep yourself with this fun free app.

The mutants are coming and the world stands on the bring of an evolutionary revolution. To commemorate that the X-Men EXTRA magazine has just hit the App Store.

The make-believe magazine, launched to promote the release of the X-Men: First Class this week, is a nicely-designed storyline companion serving up plenty of background goss to keep even the most avid student of Xavier up to date.

Injecting the X-Men into real-life events from history, EXTRA features articles about how the X-Men helped to avert the Cuban Missile Crisis, with President Kennedy pinning a Medal of Merit on Professor Charles Xavier.

There's a profile of the mysterious Magneto and an audio recording of how Kennedy plans to tackle his alliance with Fidel Casto and Cuba, and a profile entitled "What you don't know about Emma Frost."

There's also specially-tailored movie trailers for characters like the ever-popular Mystique as the magazine encourages you to click on images to find hidden videos. You can share articles, which will be updated between now and the movie's release on June 3rd, with friends.

The free app is available to download now (There's a PlayBook, iPhone and Android version incoming) and seems to be a really novel way to promote forthcoming movies. Comic book fans are going to love this one.

Link: iTunes (via Shockya)