iPad App News: Whale Trail game soars after launch

Early download figures bode well for psychedelic cloud adventure

Whale Trail, a new game for iOS devices, may become the next App Store sensation with its highly addictive gameplay, attractive cartoony visuals and psychedelic soundtrack

A British-made iPhone and iPad game is set to become the App Store's next big thing following an encouraging early reaction from Apple gamers.

Whale Trail, which is a 69p purchase from the App Store, sold almost 40,000 copies this weekend after its launch last Thursday. It became Apple's Game of the Week and has garnered a massive array of five star reviews from customers and indeed one from a review on the T3 App Chart.

The game, which is of the tap-on-the-screen-to-boost-your-bouyancy stable of touchscreen games, sees you take charge of a whale looking to escape his evil adversary (no, it's not the Japanese) below the clouds.

It's your job to collect stars and bonuses, while eating a diet of bubbles to build up your defences against the lightning clouds impeding your path. You hit the screen to follow a higher trajectory, otherwise you'll plummet and become whale soup.

The game, created by the London-based ustwo agency, is played on a psychedelic backdrop (we'd be surprised if there wasn't a huge amount of acid dropped with the creation of this game) and the soundtrack is ably provided by Gruff Rhys of the Super Furry Animals.

Whale Trail has a long way to go before it catches up to Angry Birds, (about 400m downloads to be precise), but after a strong first week of sales, and the buzz growing stronger the game could be on the way to superstardom.

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