iPad App News: Tweetbot client comes to Apple tablet

Multiple timelines, smart gestures and an alternative to the official Twitter client

Tweetbot, the popular iPhone Twitter client, has landed on the iPad. The £1.99 app brings multiple timelines, smart gestures and the ability to mute users and topics.

Twitter's own iPad client is nothing to be sniffed at, but for those fancying a change, the popular Tweetbot iPhone app has made its debut on the Apple tablet.

The extremely attractive £1.99 alternative, which has been a big hit on the iPhone, brings multiple timelines into the equation allowing you to show any of your lists as the main timeline.

And while the multi-tabbed interface from the official client isn't present, users can still see an entire conversation by swiping to the right, while swiping a tweet to the left will show you the list of replies. Tapping a tweet will bring up options like reply, retweet, favourite and so forth.

Tapping a link will open the source in a dedicated, built-in browser and there's also a readability mode, which removes much of the clutter from websites.

Handily, you can Mute some users and some hashtags without the social stigma of unfollowing those who get on your nerves.

The MobileBurn website has produced a hands-on tour with the app, which has also been updated for iPhone users.

Via: The Verge