iPad App News: Storify launches social story creation app

Popular social networking website goes mobile with fully functional iPad app

Storify launches for iPad, bringing its unique, socially-based story creation tool to Apple's tablet. Create stories from tweets, Facebook status updates and more

The popular Storify website, which allows folks to build stories by collating content from a host of different social networking sites now has a fully functioning iPad app.

The free Storify app for iPad allows you to create social stories by dragging and dropping different elements from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr and YouTube.

This allows users to create your own interpretation of a major global event like, say, the Iran nuclear stand-off or something altogether more trivial, like summing-up an online debate or exchange between two friends.

You can also add any link from the internet through the built-in browser so stories from reputable news outlets can sit along ranty tweets and status updates from social networking sites.

Its perfect for keeping record of developing stories and allows you to continue adding to the thread over time while retaining an easy-to-read layout.

So, if we take the recent example of the Luis Suarez/Patrice Evra racism controversy, you'll be able to select highlights over time to create a complete picture of the event from unlimited sources, with words, photos and videos.

The Storify service also allows you to add titles and a description and can be published to your profile or easily shared to Twitter and Facebook. The web-based service also provides an embed code making it easy to embed it in your Wordpress blog or website.

All in all, after a brief play, this looks like a superb new app for an extremely useful social service.

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