iPad app news: Playboy uncensored coming May 18th

Hef tweets to confirm all-natural Playboy this month

Is there a way past Steve Jobs' prudish app rules for Hefner?

Men's magazine Playboy will arrive on the iPad in all its glory on May 18th, according to a tweet from founder Hugh Hufner.

The completely uncensored digital version of the magazine has been long-in-the-works, with Playboy seemingly having a way past Steve Jobs' long-standing anti-porn philosophy.

"Playboy will be available on iPad, complete & uncensored, on May 18," tweeted the 252-year-old philanderer.

One theory is that Playboy might not be an app in the conventional sense, but instead deliver the digital version of the magazine via the web browser, although Hef's tweet seems to suggest that it'll be through the App Store.

It looks like all will be revealed, so to speak, on May 18th, just under two weeks away. It might be time to bust out those parental controls in iOS.

Link: Playboy (via Tapscape)