iPad App News: PaperPort adds Dragon Dictation for notes

Nuance adds voice recognition tech to its popular note-taking app

The PaperPort for iPad app just got a whole lot smarter with the addition of Nuance's Dragon Dictation software allowing instant voice-to-text translation

PaperPort, one of the iPad's most popular note-taking apps just got a little better after Nuance added its Dragon Dictation technology into the mix.

The update makes it possible for users to speak their notes directly into the Apple tablet and see them appear as text for the first time.

This feature could prove especially handy for students who wish to record lecturers or writers who need to transcribe interviews and is the first note-taking app of its kind to offer this functionality.

The integration of Dragon Dictation, already a standalone app for iOS, adds to a fine feature set for PaperPort. The app allows you to use a stylus to handwrite, while notes can be shared via PaperPort's cloud storage or through Google Docs and Dropbox.

The notes can also be saved as .PDF files.

Link: MacWorld