iPad app news: NASA launches Visualisation Explorer app

Now Space Agency wants us to explore Earth

Another belting application arrives from the NASA studios, and this time its about Earth.

NASA may have brought the space program to a close when the shuttle Atlantis returned to Earth last week, but boy are are Space Agency releasing some cool smartphone apps at the moment.

The latest is the NASA Visualisation Explorer app for iPad which taps into the Agency's vast science research arm and offers the chance to explore our own planet as never before.

The awesome, free app centres on images of planet Earth captured by NASA satellites and appear as interactive maps, charts and diagrams that you can explore in the detail only NASA can really offer.

You can look at climate change, plant life on land and in the oceans and also take advantage of a host of regularly updated editorials and videos.

It's educational, beautifully designed apps like this that really add value to the iPad. Download this from the App Store now and take a trip around the world on a voyage of discover... or some other clichéd cobblers.

Link: iTunes