iPad app news: iUsers adds accounts for joint iPad users

Safeguard your scores and browsing history with new app

App for jailbroken iPads might give Apple a decent idea.

Every now and then an application comes along where you think 'Why didn't Apple think of that?' Well the iUsers app for iPad certainly fits that category.

The free app, which works for jailbroken iPads only, allows users who share an iPad to have different accounts. It works by adding a simple user account login screen on the iPad's homescreen like those seen on Windows 7 and Apple Mac OS X.

So, if you have one iPad per household and you don't want her shopping history cluttering your browser records, and you don't want her looking at your you-know-what history then this is the perfect app for you.

The iUsers app will also protect app data, meaning that your logins and high scores will be protected also. The developers say they're hoping to completely separate apps, music and all iPad content in further versions of the software.

Check out the video below to see iUsers in action, and cross your fingers that Apple will introduce this feature in a version of iOS sometime soon.

Link: Engadget.