iPad app news: Guardian coming soon, will cost £9.99 a month

Video: The Guardian iPad Edition detailed and explained in full

It's getting on for two years since we first clapped eyes on the iPad, and The Guardian newspaper app has been conspicuous by its absence. Well, word is that after months in development, its launch is imminent and will cost a tenner a month.

The Guardian is on the verge of launching the newspaper in tablet form and will be charging the same as the Telegraph and Times for monthly subscriptions.

The Guardian iPad Edition, which showcases content in a Windows 8-like grid, will cost £9.99 a month and will be free for the first three months thanks to a partnership with Channel 4.

The design focused app, revealed in full in the video below, offers an "exciting new incarnation of The Guardian" that serves up content from the newspaper and the website in a form more suitable for the iPad.

The app's design consultant Mark Porter says the app is the first newspaper app to look beyond just reproducing newspaper content on the iPad due to the way it offers a hierarchy of stories in the same way as a newspaper page.

He says: “The Guardian is renowned as an organisation that takes design seriously. And of course design is not just about what things look like, it’s how they behave, how we function, and how we use them.”

The left-leaning newspaper's editor Alan Rusbridger says that it won't be updated with the same frequency as the website, but will be more reflective and will link out to ongoing coverage through the Safari browser.

He said: “We appreciated that this (the iPad) was a different medium. We’re not going to be scrambling to update it every hour. We will do that on the browser where you will also go to look for live blogging and other material. This is going to be a different read - a bit more reflective.”

The Guardian hasn't revealed exactly when it will launch the iPad Edition, it's just saying 'soon'. You can sign-up on the website to be the first to know when the app is released.

We're really excited about this. If the Guardian can have the same impact on the publishing industry for Apple's tablet that it had on the web when it launched in 1997 then we're in for a real treat.

Link: Guardian (via Silicon Republic)