iPad App News: Feastive serves Xmas recipes from top chefs

Prepare for the festive season with 60 dishes from Britain's top culinary talent

One of the beauties of the Apple iPad is its ability to function as an infinite recipe book. The Great British Chefs have released a festively themed app so you can serve-up a very Merry Christmas.

The Great British Chefs team have prepared and plated a new festively-themed app for iPad, which offers 60 Christmas-themed recipes from some of the UK's top kitchen talent.

The Great British Chefs Feastive HD app launches today and costs £1.99 to download from the App Store. It features a host of beautifully photographed festive treats from chefs like Marcus Wareing, Simon Rogan, Tom Aikens and Nathan Outlaw.

Each of the recipes features comprehensive ingredients lists, step-by-step instructions and, rather helpfully, wine recommendations. The app also features a series of 'how to' videos, aimed at getting you through the most tricky phases of the culinary process.

Naturally, you can share your favourite recipes on Facebook and Twitter and there's also a cool 'voice control' function which means you don't have to get your mucky paws all over your tablet's touchscreen.

Once you're done making the dish, you can add personal notes to each of the recipes to give things your own spin.

There's less than six weeks until Christmas. Better get planning.