iPad app news: Fanhattan movie streaming app launched

Finding your best option to watch movies on your iPad

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Fanhattan app for iPad revealed
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Fanhattan app for iPad revealed

Comprehensive database allows you to pick and choose the best streaming portal.

With so many options to stream movies and TV shows to your phone or tablet, these days, it's about an app that brought them all together.

That's exactly what the newly launched, free-to-download Fanhattan app for iPad aims to achieve. While it seems very US-centric at the moment, the comprehensive aggregator opens up a world of possibilities for fans.

If you search for a movie to TV show, the app will present the best options to watch or buy from streaming portals like iTunes, Netflix and Hulu Plus, allowing you to find both the cheapest and best quality options available.

Aside from the basic streaming, there's a huge array of "discovery" options, which allow users to view the movie poster, see cast and crew details, reviews from Rotten Tomatoes, clips trailers and purchase the soundtrack info.

There's also links to buy fan gear (such as DVDs and T-shirts) from Amazon.com and the chance to share the movie with your friends via Facebook and email, while Fanhattan also encourages you to check out similar movies.

The options to watch the movie itself are quite limited at present, with the explosion of cloud-based streaming services, Fanhattan could prove to be a really valuable guide to the best way to view your favourite content on your iPad.

Link: iTunes (via The Hollywood Reporter)