iPad App News: eBay brings in-movie related products

App works with your TV guide to automatically deliver items you may like

eBay has issued a major update to its iPad app, which will deliver items related to TV shows as you watch. The app plays nice with your TV guide and offers a boon to those in the product placement business

Online auction site eBay has updated its app for Apple's iPad with an auto-search functionality which delivers items related to the TV show or movie you're currently watching.

The new eBay for iPad upgrade syncs with TV guide data when you tell it what channel you're watching, so if you're checking out The Goonies, the chances are you'll see a host of cool T-Shirts, DVDs and signed posters delivered directly to the app.

eBay's boss Steve Yankovich says he had the idea for the app when watching the Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton romantic comedy Something's Gotta Give, and saw a toaster he desired.

The company is relying on help from the movie studios to equip them with the names of products featured in the movies, so the app can feature items like the mundane toasters, or clothing worn by the stars of the movies, rather than simply memorabilia and merchandise.

"You’ll be able to buy exactly what’s there," said Yankovich. “The reason we’re going to own this is that inventory. There are not too many places that sell you a brand new car from a dealer and a classic car from the ‘30s."

The app presents a great opportunity for companies to increase their exposure and sales from the rampant product placement in most blockbuster movies these days with the likes of Apple and Sony getting major league screen time.

eBay says that future iterations of the app will automatically sync with your TV guide rather than you having to manually inform it of the channels you're watching.

Link: eBay (via Guardian)