iPad App News: CloudOn brings Microsoft Office to iPad

Free app has 'sold out' due to demands on server

As the tech world eagerly awaits Word for iPad, one app brings a version Microsoft's Office suite to Apple's tablet, but demand is such that it's no longer available

A recently introduced app for iPad, which allows users to edit Word documents over the cloud, has been pulled from the App Store by developers because of the demand on its servers.

The CloudOn app for iPad, which was free to download, comes loaded with Microsoft Office compatible software and allows your documents to be edited on the go.

The app also boasts Dropbox functionality, which means your docs can be thrown into your online storage space, edited over CloudOn's servers and then placed safely back in your Dropbox. As well as Word it is compatible with Excel and Powerpoint.

WIth Microsoft rumoured to be bringing its suite of apps to the iPad sometime in 2012, CloudOn offers an insight into the demand for Word and the like.

We'd expect to see CloudOn make a return to the iPad, but next time we're probably going to have to pay for it.

Link: CloudOn (via Wired)