iPad app news: Apple relaxes in-app subscription rules

Publisher revolt means mags can now charge what they want

Apple stacks the deck in favour of its content providers.

Apple has caved-on to pressure from publishers to relax its strict rules for in-app subscriptions on the App Store, meaning magazines and newspapers can now charge what they want for their products.

Apple's previous guidelines, which were set to come into effect on June 30th, saw Apple demand a 30 per cent share of any subscriptions sold through the App Store, while restricting publishers to charging equal to or less than the physical mag.

Now publishers, who have called the policy extortionate, can now charge whatever they like for their in-app subscriptions to account for Apple's 30 per cent of the takings.

In a copy of the new guidelines obtained by MacRumors, Apple has said that publishers who offer their subscriptions on a non-in-app basic will not be charged a cut of the profits.

However, the change could be bad news for the consumer who have been able to take advantage of a few reasonable deals in order to take their daily reads to their precious Apple tablet device.

However, publishing houses will be delighted and might be able to start making some real money from their digital endeavours.

Apple's change of heart might have something to do with the growing trend for publishers to offer their content through enhanced websites, hence by-passing the App Store and cutting Apple out of the profits.

This way stacks the deck very much in favour of the publishers which can now take advantage of iTunes easy payment and download service and still rack in the profits.

Link: MacRumours