iPad App News: Apple holding up OnLive iPad launch?

Is the cloud-based gaming platform in Apple approval limbo?

OnLive for iPad was supposed to land on the App Store on December 7th but, over a week later, there's still no sign of the cloud-based gaming platform. What gives?

Apple appears to be holding up the launch of the OnLive app for iPad, with the cloud-based gaming platform still yet to appear on the App Store over a week after it was announced for iPad and Android tablets.

The app, which promises to bring console quality gaming to tablets and smartphones by streaming titles like Assassins Creed Revelations and L.A. Noire over your internet connection, arrived on Android shortly after last week's announcement.

However, there's no sign of the app on Apple's download portal and there are now fears that it has become embroiled in the company's notorious app approval process.

Apple has good reason to be concerned. OnLive, which offers game rentals and full play-passes as well as a monthly subscription option, has the potential to outdo every game currently developed especially for the iOS platform.

While gamers have access to the latest console titles thanks to a special Bluetooth controller, are they still going to buy the likes of Angry Birds or the iOS optimised, scaled back games like the EA Sports series and Dead Space from which Apple gets a 30 per cent cut?

When asked about the delay an OnLive representative presented little reason to hope for a rapid resolution, saying: "Unfortunately, we can’t predict when the OnLive iPad app will be officially released. We’ll certainly post it on our website when it is available."

Until that point, Android tablets have a pretty massive exclusive.

Via: Geek.com