iPad App News: Amazon updates Kindle app

Textbook print, improved PDF support and new magazine interface

Amazon has updated its Kindle app for iPad with a PDF reader, improved magazine interface, a personal documents service and the opportunity to view personal textbooks

Not content with taking on the iPad with the Kindle Fire tablet, Amazon wants to take over the iPad with its Kindle app for Apple's all-conquering slate.

The newest version of the Kindle for iPad app brings a host of improvements that give the application a much more rounded and complete feel and gives Apple's iBooks portal a little more to think about.

Among the iPad-only changes include a new magazine interface design, which is aimed at matching Apple's own Newsstand app. For students there's also a 'print replica textbooks' feature which makes it easier to follow what's going on in class on your Kindle app.

Among the changes is a new built-in PDF reader which will allow files to be opened from Mail or Safari or following a direct transfer from iTunes.

There's also a new "Personal Documents Service" which, for a fee, allows users to directly email their documents to their Kindle devices through a Kindle-specific email address.

The PDF reader and Personal Documents are also available in a new iPod touch and iPhone version of the Kindle app.

Link: GigOm