iPad accounts for 89% of world tablet usage

And a staggering 97% of US use

Apple still king of tablet land

If you were in any doubt as to the iPad’s dominance in the world of tablets, let this latest study confirm what we all suspected: the iPad is still well and truly king.

The report, by comscore, says the iPad is responsible for 89% of all worldwide tablet traffic, while in the US that figure rises to 97%. Other tablets are struggling to get a look in.

Obviously this is tracking only online usage, but then that’s still a pretty good indicator.

“The iPad is currently the dominant tablet device across all geographies, contributing more than 89 percent of tablet traffic across all markets,” the report reads.

In the US the iPad has nearly 97% of non-computer traffic, with Android accounting for almost all of the remaining 3%.

So does Apple have the tablet game sewn up? Or is it not too late for the likes of the HP Touchpad to steal its thunder? Let us know via Facebook or Twitter.

via Mac Rumors