iPad 5 pictured?

New shots of case suggest that next gen update will come with an iPad mini style back

Apple’s new iPad 5 shares the more defined shape of the current iPad mini if the latest leaked photos of Apple upcoming tablet turn out to be genuine.

The photos were leaked on Chinese social media website Weibo. The poster claims that both shells are the rear casing for the next generation of iPad and iPad mini.

If genuine, it would mean that Apple has done away with the rounded edges introduced in the original iPad.

The images also suggest that Apple has introduced speaker grilles on either side of Lightning port.

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Previous rumours have claimed that both the iPad and the iPad mini will feature smaller bezels.

Apple is expected to unveil the iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 later this year.

The company is believed to be holding an event next month to announce the next generation of iPhones. It is currently unclear if it will hold a separate event to announce the two new iPads.

Via: NowhereElse.fr