Apple iPad 4: What is the New iPad 3 missing?

Reactions from us, you and the rest of the tech world

Apple has officially announced the new iPad 3... but is it everything you ever hoped and dreamed for?

Where were you when Apple announced the new iPad? We were on tenterhooks for Apple’s big announcement(s) – perched on the edge of our seats, shaking feverishly like the tech addicts that we are.

Now that the word is out, we've been collecting the opinions of the tech world, and bringing you the reactions from anyone who's anyone in technology today. Take a look below!

Zach Epstein - Executive Editor at BGR - @zacharye

"Can't wait to see how click-baiters are going to bitch about a Retina iPad with 4G, quad-core graphics and 9+ hour battery life."

Charles Arthur - Technology Editor at The Guardian - @charlesarthur

"No haptic feedback (we're really puzzled now about Apple's invite). No actual name for the iPad... but Apple is still slaying the tablet market, and it's probably going to be perfectly happy about that."

Dan Frommer - Editor & Founder of SplatF - @fromedome

"I don't understand the problem with the new iPad's name. It's just the iPad. This wasn't an issue for any Mac or iPod."

Paul J. Miller - Former Editor of Engadget - @futurepaul

"I keep looking at my thunderbolt port and waiting for it to matter."

Darren Murph - Managin Editor at Engadget - @darrenmurph

"Unsurprisingly, Apple has managed to produce something that's truly beautiful to look at…There's no doubt that this here tablet feels every bit like a $500 product, oozing quality from edge to edge and being as delightful as ever to use."

Shane Richmond - Head of Technology at The Telegraph - @shanerichmond

"Apple has taken a market leading, and one could even say market defining, product and made it more compelling."

M. G. Siegler - Columnist at TechCruch - @parislemon

"Yes, it largely looks the same as the iPad 2. Yes, it’s ever-so-slightly, but noticeably (to those who use their iPad a lot, like me) thicker. I couldn’t tell a difference in weight (though it does weigh slightly more). What really matters, of course, is the screen. It’s glorious."

Donald Bell - Senior Tablet Editor at CNET - @donald

"“The iPad's new screen is a stunner. That's really all you need to know about the new iPad... Apple could have been more aggressive with its processor performance, or perhaps brought the iPad's cameras up to iPhone 4S specs. Perhaps it could have gone thinner or done more to extend its lead in battery life, which Apple claims is still 10 hours, or 9 hours on 4G."

Patrick Goss - Editor at TechRadar - @patrickgoss

"The impact of a new screen even on everyday tasks like browsing is impressive. The resolution shift makes websites sharper and easier to read, and lessens the need to zoom in on text... it's a beautiful, welcome addition that takes this device back to the top of the tablet tree, and it is likely to bring a massive slice of business to an Apple store near you."

But what we really want to know is: what did YOU want from the iPad 3? Siri? A Retina display? A 41MP camera? Let us know in the comments section below, or head to our Twitter and Facebook pages and tell us what you wanted Apple to unveil with their brand spanking new tablet. Here are some of your opinion's thus far:

Ryan Goodfellow via

"Loving the spec but living in the UK the LTE is useless which for me would have been the decision maker. Screen, camera and chip sound ace but equally I'm happy with the 2 in these areas. Had they given us a new design I would probably be making room on the plastic to accommodate one. All this said it may be a different story when I have play with one in store!"

Ricky Jones via Facebook

"I love apple to pieces and have a MBP iMac 4S ipod apple tv etc, but this to me is shockingly s***! First time i went meh on a apple product, gonna be sticking with my original ipad."

Joshua Feltimo via Twitter

"Is is weird that even after all this new iPad shizz, I'd still rather have an Asus Transformer Prime?"