iPad: 3.27 million sold says Apple

Huge sales across the board as Apple posts massive profit

Mac and iPhone sales surge as iPod drops again, with nary a mention of iPhone 4 niggles.

Apple has sold a massive 3.27 million iPads. That’s the word direct from Cupertino, which made the announcement during its quarterly results call.

The numbers show the tablet has fast become Apple’s headline product, but that’s not to say other gadgets in Apple’s stable have faired badly. Far from it. Mac sales across the board hit 3.47 million, up a massive 33 per cent on the same period last year.

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With the release of the iPhone 4, Apple saw sales of the smartphone hit 8.4 million, up an mind-bending 61 per cent on the previous year. It seems that in spite of a raft of poor publicity, the blower is still selling by the bucketload. We’ll know more if that’s still the case at the next results call.

The only disappointment was the iPods slip down the rankings. While Apple shifted 9.41 million of its jukeboxes, that’s down 8 per cent on a year ago. With more people buying iPod-packing iPads and iPhones, it seems demand is starting to wane a tad.

In all, these huge sales figures meant Apple’s earnings increased by 78 per cent, with a quarterly profit of $3.25 billion. Just days after the iPhone 4 antenna debacle reached its climax, it seems Apple has plenty to be happy about.

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