iPad 2: three jailed over leaks

Chinese trio convicted over stealing info ahead of slate's release

Accessories manufacturer used contacts at Foxconn to get illicit info.

Three people have been convicted and jailed in China over the leak of confidential information relating to the iPad 2. Lin Kecheng, Hou Pengna and Xiao Chengsong were given sentences ranging from 12 to 18 months, as well as hefty fines, for their roles in stealing the information.

Mr Xiao, owner of the accessories maker MacTop, is said to have paid Ms Hou to get details of Apple’s then unannounced tablet. Hou had previously worked for Foxconn, the company which assembles Apple’s devices. Hou in turn paid Mr Lin to take photos of the back of the iPad 2 so Mr Xiao could develop accessories for the device ahead of his competitors.

Xiao was given 18 months in prison and a £14,300 fine, Hou 12 months and a £2,900 fine and Lin 14 months and a £9,500 fine.

Apple has not commented on the developments, with Foxconn saying, “We cannot comment on matters of internal security, but Foxconn takes its commitment to protecting its intellectual property as well as that of its customers very seriously and undertakes all appropriate actions to safeguard against any violations.”