iPad 2 Smart Covers carved from a single piece of wood

Miniot reinvent Apple's Smart Cover with natural wooden finish

Family-run Dutch company turn their crafty hands to making an elegant wooden Smart Cover alternative

The iPad and its seemingly magical Smart Cover accessory aren't even out in the UK yet but Dutch wood-wizards Miniot have already one-upped the rainbow-coloured case/stand hybrid.

The Miniot Cover for iPad 2 is carved from a single piece of cherrywood and works in much the same way as the smart cover, right down to the fridge-like unlock upon opening feature.

Magnets hold it to the iPads bezel, whilst a series of slits allows the case to roll smoothly into a stand that can display the iPad in either one of two landscape orientations or upright in portrait mode.

Miniot have even managed to do away with the Smart Cover's hinges making the case flush all the way around your sleek, new toy.

Available from today for €50, those of you who prefer parquet to polyurethane may want to direct yourself toward Miniot's website.

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Via: Miniot