iPad 2 SD slot doesn't exist

Insider claims slot is for SIM card

SIM opening is being moved, with SD support missing.

The iPad 2 will not have a SD card slot as has been widely rumoured. That’s according to, “…a person AppleInsider trusts on matters such as these,” who claims the slot seen on early iPad 2 cases is actually for a SIM card.

The source says that the SIM slot is being moved to the top of the iPad from its current position on the left-hand side of the device. This apparently explains why some other cases which have been spotted don’t have the opening, as Wi-Fi only models won’t need it.

SD support is perhaps the biggest bone of contention when it comes to the iPad 2. If Apple were to include it, it would make uploading to the device easier, although it could compromise the simple lines of the sleek device.

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Via MacRumors and AppleInsider