iPad 2 queue begins already

Apple fanatic camps out ahead of US iPad 2 release

Fanboy makes sure he's first in line for next-gen Apple slate.

Think you’re desperate to get hold of an iPad 2? Not as desperate as Justin Wagoner, who’s already pitched a tent outside his local Apple store in Dallas, Texas, ahead of the iPad 2’s US release on 11 March.


Apple iPad 2 video

Source: T3 Tech Videos

Wagoner has previous when it comes to queueing early for Apple gadgets. He pulled a similar stunt last summer when the iPhone 4 was unleashed, and has gained such a rep for his hard love of Cupertino’s kit that he’s been dubbed iJustin.

He’s even launched an official site, iJustinofficial.com and will be streaming video of the moment he hands over his credit card for the iPad 2.

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