iPad 2 production begins

Second-gen slate finally in the works

Report details specs and confirms Retina Display is MIA.

Production lines have finally started rolling for the iPad 2. That’s according to the Wall Street Journal, which has garnered the news from, “people familiar with the matter”.

These same insiders say that the next-gen tablet will be thinner than the current iPad, with a faster processor, beefed up graphics and greater memory. The sources also confirm that the iPad 2 will pack at least one camera, with video conferencing being put front and centre on the new device.

However, there will be on Retina Display on board, with the screen said to match that of the firs-generation iPad.

The WSJ has no word on just when we’re likely to see the iPad 2 get the official nod from Apple, with Cupertino refusing to respond to the claims. With the new slate now being assembled, the chances of that rumoured end of February event, followed by a March release, look increasingly likely.

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