iPad 2 Plus: analyst adds to 'premium' slate rumours

More chatter about pro version of iPad

"Incremental" update already in production says analyst.

Talk of a so-called iPad 2 Plus, or iPad HD, has been rife in recent weeks. And now a new voice has added to the clamour surrounding the next-gen slate. Analyst Asok Kumar, renowned for offering his tuppence worth on new Apple kit, reckons such a device is being primed in China right now.

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Kumar claims sources in the supply chain have told him that Foxconn is all set to go into production with the new device. He claims, as per previous rumours, that it’ll pack a better screen than the current iPad 2, and that it won’t be a replacement, rather a ‘pro’ version.

This certainly fits in with previous rumours about the iPad 2 Plus. But how likely is Apple to release a new iPad so soon after rolling out its second-gen slate?

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Via Cnet