iPad 2 light leakage down to faulty LG panels?

iPad 2 light leakage due to iffy LG panels?

Apple's runaway tablet is still posting hugely impressive sales figures in comparison to rivals

Although there’s been no official word from Apple on the matter, it is thought that a defect in the LCD panels LG made for the iPad 2 has contributed to a backlog in shipments of the sought-after tablet.

Digitimes reported that complaints from customers of light seeping in from the edges of the iPad 2 display were caused by defective LG panels. It was also suggested that the company had been forced to temporarily handover the majority of the manufacturing to LG’s biggest rival, Samsung.

According to figures recently released, Samsung shipped four million of the 9.7-inch panels, whereas LG produced only 800,000 units after being forced to put production on hold in order to clear up any quality issues.

The report also says that once the problem was resolved LG displays made a swift return to the Apple supply chain in the second quarter.

Still this issue doesn’t seem to have irrevocably dented the massive uptake of the tablet, as Apple posted sales of 4.69m iPad units during the first quarter of 2011. Those figures were markedly down on the 7.33m units shipped in the final quarter of 2010 during the peak holiday sales season, but part of the dip could be attributed to consumers holding off and waiting for the iPad 2, which was launched in March.

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