iOS4 update for iPhone 3G coming says Jobs

Apple boss says boost for ageing phone on its way

Latest email suggest iPhone 3G owners are set for much-needed performance boost.

Steve Jobs has said a software boost for the beleaguered iPhone 3G is on its way. The two--year-old blower has been rendered almost unusable by iOS 4, with its top-end features not able to kick it at full speed on the ageing hardware.

In an email reply to an indignant iPhone 3G owner, Jobs simply said, “Software update coming soon.” The user had complained the neither iOS 4.0.1 or 4.0.2 had helped and that he was unwilling to jailbreak his phone to roll it back to iOS 3.

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Apple had said previously that it was “looking into” the issue, but this is the first time it’s confirmed a software upgrade is on its way. It seems iPhone 3G owners aren’t being abandoned after all.

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Via MacRumors