iOS4 does slow iPhone: T3 readers

The iOS4: Good or bad? You tell us

Following the huge interest in the iOS articles, we look at your opinions

The recent T3 article, "iOS4 update can slow down your iPhone 3G", received vast amounts of interest from you, our readers. Well there were a very mixed set of comments, varying from helping battery life to making the HTC Desire look better than the missus's iPhone.

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Although views were mixed, most were in agreement with our article such as the following:

Sunil Bhambra:
"My iPhone is slow with v4 and the new MSN keeps crashing"

Claire Rudkins:
"Mines slowed down loads and keeps dropping out of applications - very annoying especially as I wanted to hold off for a white iphone4"

Paul Mellett: "Wifes iPhone seems slower.....makes my Desire look even better than it already did and with Froyo on the way whoop whoop"

Stephen McKeating: "Cra* is all I can say for the new performance. Lag, freezing, random dropouts of apps. It sucks.
I'm getting myself a HTC soon, might wait for Froyo, not sure yet."

However, there are a fair share of people who like the new update...

Gordon Elcock: "Mine's quicker, smoother and prettier"

Paul Taylor:
"My 3G is much faster all apps open quicker, battery seems to last longer, camera is a hell of a lot quicker and folders is cool."

In response to the multiple comments about extended battery life, John Mcfettridge responded:
"Who are these people Who think there battery is better? Its not possible."

So it looks like views on the iOS4 are mixed, keep sharing your opinions on facebook and twitter.