iOS app news: Shadowgun promises 'new era' for graphics

Android version coming to TEGRA 2-powered phones in October

An new third-person shooter for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch arrives on the App Store today promising to "push the boundaries" of what's possible with mobile graphics. Android owners will be able to get their hands on Shadowgun in October.

Third-person shooter Shadowgun has come strutting into town, all guns blazing and making some rather brazen claims.

The game, developed using the Unity platform, promises to set new graphical standards for mobile gaming, and on iOS that means going up against the likes of Dead Space and Infinity Blade, which have long been recognised as the best looking games on the block.

The £5.49 title sees you travel to the year 2350 and take on the role of professional bounty hunter John Slade. As is often the case in these circumstances, corporations have taken control of society and mad-scientists have conducted all sorts of weird human experiments.

You're one of the Shadowgun warriors hired to break into his secret compound and hunt him down across ten levels, while taking on all manner of mutants and cyborgs along the way.

The plot might be familiar, but when a game claims to "set a new standard" it's either setting itself up for a huge fall, or is actually very sure of what it has achieved. The developer Madfinger reckons its the latter.

“Shadowgun pushes the boundaries of what is possible graphically on today’s mobile devices,” said Marek Rabas, president of Madfinger Games. “Once a gamer picks up Shadowgun and experiences the amazing visuals, combined with the fast-paced, immersive gameplay, they will never be able to look at mobile games the same.”

”Unity has been thrilled to work so closely with Madfinger to help Shadowgun develop into one of the most exciting and beautiful games across any mobile platform,” said Unity Technologies CEO David Helgason “It’s awesome to be at the forefront of next-gen mobile gaming.”

The Android version of the game will arrive during the month of October, but only for those handsets baring the dual-core NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor.

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