iOS App News: Gmail returns to the App Store

Official app fixed following embarrassing withdrawal hours after launch

Following an embarrassing initial launch, Google has killed the bugs that crippled its Gmail for iOS offering. After years of waiting, Gmail users finally have a functional official client for their Apple mobile devices.

Google has relaunched its official Gmail app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, after fixing the bugs which caused it to be pulled hours after its initial release two weeks ago.

After years of waiting for a Google-made client, users were unable to even get past the app's start-up screen after an on-screen notification claimed there was errors with the app.

Following a hammering on tech sites and social networks, Google embarrassingly removed it from the App Store.

However, Google is claiming to have fixed the bug and Gmail for iOS will now offer iDevice owners the promised push notifications, auto-complete email addresses and priority inboxes.

The company also says it listened to feedback from disappointed users and will be adding more functionality like multi-account support, better notifications and signatures specific to the mobile device.

If you're one of the few users who was able to install the first version of the app before it was pulled, you'll need to uninstall before you can get the new one.

Link: Silicon Republic