iOS 5 to provide earthquake warnings for Japanese users

Japanese iOS 5 will feature warnings in notification centre

Apple iOS 5 will provide the option to be constantly connected to Japan's national earthquake warning system

According to a screenshot posted by '9to5Mac', the Japanese version of Apple's upcoming iOS 5 will contain the option to turn on earthquake warnings.

The early warning option will be within the new OS's 'notification centre' where users can decide exactly what they want to be alerted about.

Japan has the most effective earthquake warning system in the world, where over 1,000 seismographs around the country detect the early tremors of an earthquake before calculating the epicentre and sending out warnings of the imminent threat.

Apple iOS 5 will be constantly connected to this warning system (provided you have the option switched on) so users will receive an earthquake notification as soon as the national warning system has sent out the alert.

This is typically between one second and two minutes before the earthquake hits, usually closer to the latter, providing enough time to duck under the nearest table.

There are already earthquake warning services available in Japan via apps such as 'Yurekuru Call' but Apple's attempt to deliver the same service streamlined into their OS will surely be welcomed, especially after the havoc wreaked in Japan by the magnitude 9.0 Tohoku earthquake and subsequent tsunami back in March.