iOS 5: cloud-based update now due in autumn

Major OS update will not be touted in April

Initial reports had claimed iOS 5 would be shown off at special Apple event next month.

Apple will not release iOS 5 until autumn, with the Cupertino company planning to show off its plans for the updated mobile operating system at June’s WWDC event. That’s according to, “…two solid sources,” who have spoken to TechCrunch.

The news flies in the face of rumours that Apple would tout iOS 5 at a special event in April, the month it’s traditionally unveiled the next iteration of its iPhone and iPad software. However, it’s believed that the release of iOS 5 has been delayed to coincide with the potential release of another iPad later this year.

Word is that iOS 5 will bring major changes, with cloud services being a major focus. This ties into recent chatter about a revamp of MobileMe, with talk of a “digital locker” for music and movies bought from iTunes. Location-based services are also set to be a prominent feature, as Apple looks to take on the likes of Google Latitude, Facebook Places and Foursquare.

Apparently, this delay in the launch of iOS 5 will not affect the planned summer release of the iPhone 5. The next-gen phone will instead come with iOS 4 to start, before getting the update a few months after it hits shelves.

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Via TechCrunch