iOS 5 beta 3 reveals Assistive Touch skills

Tweak iPad's touchscreen settings with new version of iOS

Latest beta rolled out to devs.

iOS 5 is getting ever closer to its official September release. But devs who’ve already got their hands on the beta of the next-gen operating system have just been served up the latest version, which brings so-called Assistive Touch skills to the iPad.

The new system aims to give one tap access instead of the iPad’s usual gesture controls. A menu can be brought up by pressing on one corner, which will then give users the chance to swipe through screens, lock the rotation tool, use pinch-to-zoom and control the volume.

This might seem a tad bizarre for those who think the iPad is the breeziest device to use in the world, but it seems Apple has had feedback suggesting some users are keen for such a feature.

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Via MacRumors