iOS 4 leaked ahead of June 21st launch

Developer beta edition finds it way online for download

Patience is a virtue, apart from where Apple products are concerned.

A beta version of Apple’s iOS 4 operating system has been leaked across the internet prior to its official release later this month.

Having been made available to developers for testing following Monday night’s WWDC keynote speech, the ‘iOS 4 gold master build’ has since spread online where iPhone and iPod Touch owners can now download and install the beta system onto their devices.

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The new OS which finally includes multitasking, a previous elephant in the room for Apple, has been leaked alongside the beta version of iTunes 9.2.

A number of blogs and fansites have posted instructions to those users too eager to wait until the June 21st launch, allowing them to download the new iOS 4 and even walk them through the task of installing it on to their iPhones.

Not wanting the OS to be limited to iPhone 3GS owners, one hacker has released his own jailbreak tool called Pwnage which enables users to install on iOS 4 on their earlier iPhone models.