iOS 4 for iPad to arrive in November with iAd launch

iAds to land on iPhone and iPod touch July 1st

iAds for iPhone, iOS for iPad, iConfusing.

iAd, the mobile advertising service announced by Apple at the unveiling of the iPhone 4 earlier this month is to be given a staggered launch, coming to iPhones and iPod touch devices this Thursday (July 1st) followed by a November rollout of the iPad platform.

This November arrival of iAds on the iPad suggests a similar launch for the latest operating system, iOS 4 for the Apple tablet. Having launched for the iPhone and iPod touch last week, iOS 4 is set to bring folders and multi-tasking functionality to the flagship tablet.

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The date, which came in a report compiled by Advertising Age and outlined advertiser's plans for Apple’s new iAd platform, marks an expected iOS for iPad launch much later than what many had predicted.

iAds, which is an interactive in-app advertising platform, is set to go live for the iPhone later this week despite claims many advertisers are still only in the early stages of concept design. Apple, however, has stressed to advertisers that it will take six to eight weeks to produce an advert.

Whilst iAds poses a potential annoyance to iPhone users, it marks a money spinning addition to Apple’s portfolio. Charging advertisers between $1 million and $10 million for inclusion on the platform, depending on exclusivity and categories, the Cupertino company is also to receive $10 per thousand impressions and $2 for each and every user that clicks through and enters the interactive iAd experience.

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