iOS 4.3.3 location tracking update incoming

New software jump fixes location tracking problems

No release date yet, but full update plans revealed.

Apple is all set to release iOS 4.3.3, the update which will apparently fix the myriad location tracking bugs which led to such controversy last month. There’s no word on an exact release date, but the full details of the software boost have already emerged.

The guys at BGR have already snagged a copy of iOS 4.3.3 and have been told it will stop the iPhone’s location data being backed up to iTunes, delete the database when a phone’s location awareness is toggled off and also cut the size of the location database.

Those are some pretty hefty changes, especially considering Apple said last week that the only real bug came with the iPhone tracking data of users who had switched off location services. Steve Jobs denied Apple was tracking iPhone users, but it seems Cupertino is well aware of the bad feeling this has caused among its faithful punters.

BGR says iOS 4.3.3 should be out in the next fortnight. Tell us what you think of the update on our Facebook and Twitter pages.