iOS 4.2 launch expected on November 12th

New iOS update to steal Gingerbread launch thunder?

Latest OS update for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch to arrive this week?

Apple's iOS 4.2 operating system update is expected to launch on Friday a day after the Gingerbread OS update for Android smartphones is expected to land.

An unnamed source from US network provider AT&T revealed to MacStories that the latest iOS update would be available on Friday 12th November 10AM PST which in UK time is around 6pm.

The same source also leaked details of today's Mac OS X 10.6.5 launch, and claims the iOS 4.2 OS GM update was supposed to be with developers from October 26th.

Further evidence to support an imminent launch arrived yesterday courtesy of an email sent by Apple to iOS developers stating that, ‘iOS 4.2 will soon be in the hands of millions of customers’.

The iPad is set to benefit most from the iOS 4.2 bringing all the new features of iOS 4.1, allowing wireless printing so you can print from apps, and possible internet tethering which was spotted in a beta version of iOS 4.2.

John Bramley, an iPad app developer shared his views with T3 on iOS 4.2 saying, "My initial thoughts on iOS 4.2 on iPad are that it's a big improvement - loving the ability (as with iPhone) to have multiple apps within folders and the new mail seems smooth".

Good news for Apple smartphone owners is that iOS 4.2 is also expected to ship with a fix for the alarm bug that recently affected iPhone users across Europe. So you can't use that excuse anymore...

Link: Mac Stories