iOS 4.2.1 unleashed to devs, so when's iOS 4.2 coming?

Minor tweaks to latest version suggest much-hyped update imminent

iOS 4.2 bugs said to have delayed its release.

Apple has released another version of iOS 4.2 to its devs, suggesting that final tweaks are being made ahead of a reported release next week.

iOS 4.2.1 was unleashed last night, with devs reporting that only minor tweaks had been made. iOS 4.2 has already been delayed, with suggestions of issues with the new AirPrint function, as well as reported problems when using VoIP apps.

It had been hoped that iOS 4.2 would be out on 8 November. Apple claims there has been no delay, having said initially that the iPad-centric update would only be out at some point in November.

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Via MacRumors