Internet helps more Britons to walk

20% more Britons downloading walking guides

Walking has never been so popular - thank the Internet.

According to the National Trust, the internet is encouraging more people to go outdoors on walks. Since 2009, there has been a 20 per cent increase in the number of people who downloaded walking guides from the National Trust web site.

A focus on the health benefits of walking and people taking staycations are the reasons said to be behind the increase in walking.

The National Trust's web site has more than 180 walks around their properties and parks which can be downloaded. The walk around Bath was the most popular, and the second most popular walk was in Alderley Edge, Chesire.
This year, 190,000 guides have been downloaded as compared to 250,000 being downloaded in total in 2009. At the moment, the National Trust has been experiencing an average of 800 downloads a day.

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Walking guides are by far more popular than cycle routes and guides for canoeists, according to the trust.

Mike Collins from the National Trust said: "As we own iconic areas, we are lucky with the amount of routes we have across the countryside. These walks have something for everyone - whether you want a short stroll around a circular route with a tea room at the end of it or a more challenging eight-mile hike." He added that the most popular time for rambling was between Christmas and New Year.

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Via: BBC