Internet Explorer low IQ story not true

Not yet known who was behind the elaborate hoax

So it turns out it was all a big hoax, a pretty effective one at that

It's been confirmed that a story which claimed Internet Explorer users had a lower IQ than everyone else is in fact a hoax. It was initially embraced by several major news websites like the Telegraph, Daily Mail, Forbes but was then later found to be a bogus story.

The information in question came from a fake statistics company known as AptiQuant, the company claimed it had carried out a study which included nearly 100,000 people, all of whom took a standard IQ test. They then correlated the IQ results with the web browser they used, which then in turn found that participants who used Internet Explorer scored much lower than anyone else.

It was only discovered to be a hoax after determined readers realised that in fact AptiQuant beared a startling resemblence to a statistics company that already existed, right down to the staff photographs. Soon after the genuine company known as 'Central Test' confirmed that it had, unsurprisingly, no affiliation with a company called AptiQuant.

It's not sure who the culprits were, however speculation is citing it as the work of a PR company or a group who wished to lower the reputation of Microsofts web browser.

What do you think, clever work of a PR company or simply a prank played by a group of discruntled ex-Microsoft employees? Let us know what you think on Facebook and Twitter.

Source: BBC News