Internet Explorer 9 Beta download available from 11pm

Get your hands on the stripped down and faster MS browser

Will 60fps browsing and full HTML5 support bring it up to speed with rivals?

Microsoft Windows Internet Explorer is the biggest and most recognised browser in the world thanks to its legions of business users, but many deem it as lagging behind the competiton from Mozilla, Apple and Google.

With IE9, Microsoft has gone back to the drawing board: retooling and redesigning to align it with Windows 7 and boosting the speed. It’s available for download in Beta form as of 11pm tonight.

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The new look IE9 is a very minimalist affair - most resembling Google Chrome - but Microsoft insists it’s much quicker, more customisable and truly built for HTML5. The new browser capitalises on advancements in PC tech, uses your machine’s GPU (instead of the CPU as with Chrome) to produce blistering 60fps surfing. It's also markedly safer - with redesigned and rewritten warnings about potential malware. MS claim that IE9 is 3x safer than Firefox and 5X safer than Chrome. On top of that, Brands can customise the look of the browser to suit their site, including colouring the key tools and designing bespoke icons to pin to the Windows 7 taskbar.

Microsoft is holding an event tonight to showcase its backing of HTML 5 on IE9 - in an initiative called Beatuy of the Web - in which a host of brands (including the band Gorillaz) have used the script to produce app-like websites as a vision of the future of website design.

Click to check out their creations, or test drive IE9 Beta here.